Ural Onboard Tractor Driver’s Simulator

URAL driving simulator is designed for training in practical driving, as well as improvement of heavy vehicle drivers’ skills. The training methodology complies with the C and C1 driver training program, with the requirements of the Driving Course and the driver training program.

The simulator imitatesworking conditions in different road and weather conditions, reproduces a visual and sound environment, as well as dynamic loads on the trainee, corresponding to the current position of the vehicle controls.

The simulator is recommended for training and retraining of units’ personnel, law enforcement agencies, specialized schools and institutions of additional education

Simulator structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation (includes a unified table, on/off control panel of the simulator, uninterruptible power supply, software and hardware complex, video monitors, set of cables).
  2. Simulator cabin (includes adriving compartment)
  3. Dynamic 3-step platform
  4. Operating documents, package
  5. Spare parts, tools and accessories, kit
  6. Transportpack, set

The simulator provides

  • familiarization with controls, instrumentation,vehicle construction
  • training to techniques of actions with pedals and control levers
  • preparation ofthe vehicle for operation
  • start and stop of the engine
  • driving away from rest, moving in a straight line and stopping
  • upward and downward gearshifting movement
  • smooth and emergency braking techniques
  • turns on the move
  • backing
  • turns on the move
  • stopat a predetermined location
  • restricted passage
  • overcoming various landscape obstacles (mountainous, flat terrain, desert)
  • driving in different highway and urban traffic conditions
  • driving in different visibility conditions at different times of the day (day, night, twilight), as well as at different season and in different weather conditions

Instructor’s possibilities in preparation and during the exercises:

  • control over the actions of the trainee inpreparation and during exercises
  • an overview of the fields of view of the frontal projection and rearview mirrors
  • control over performing exercises
  • control over the correctness of overcoming natural and artificial barriers
  • control over the total time spent on the exercise
  • speed mode control during the exercise
  • setting the driving conditions parameters (terrain type – normal, desert, mountainous, swampy; time of day – night, day; season – summer, winter).
  • an objective and subjective control over actions of the trainee during the exercise
  • autonomous start and stop of a stopwatch
  • automatic generation of evaluation for the exercise according to requirements of the Driving Course and evaluation results printout
  • documenting and archiving the results of exercises and training
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