Tactical Special Training Class

Simulator of tactical special training class (small) for bilateral combatis designed fordevelopment of options for tactical actions in different terrain, conditions, seasons and days. Training of forming combat orders for participation in a special operation based on algorithm of schematic diagrams of combat order forming. Training of servicemen and units in order to form and consolidate the skills of the trainees in reconnaissance of targets, firing from weapons, day and night, at ground targets, as well as for units coordination during execution of firing and tactical tasks in conditions of a training class.

The complex is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • training of servicemen and units to actions in various types of combat
  • research and development of pragmatic recommendations on techniques and methods of units’ actions in various types of combat operations
  • continuous monitoring over actions to be performed by combat crews during tactical and special exercises
  • control, collection and display of information on actions of units, as well as individual servicemen during combat in conditions of a training class
  • provision of unit commanders with possibility to organize a combat (tactical actions), control fire and unit actions in combat (special operation)
  • control and recording the combat training of special forces units

Complex structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation, including:
  • Table (1 pc)
  • Chair (1 pc)
  • Keyboard (1 pc)
  • Optical manipulator (1 pc)
  • Monitor (at least 22) (1 pc)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (1 set)
  • Acoustic system (1 set)
  • System unit with installed software (1 set)
  • Software “Tactical and special training:
  • Instructor” (1 set)
  • Database server (1 set)
  • Software “Combat Training Accounting: Server” (1 set)
  • Interactive board with a diagonal of at least 85 inches (1 set)
  • LCD TV (at least 50 inches) with wall mount (1 set)
  • A4 format multifunction device (1 set)
  • A0 format plotter (1 set)
  • Air-conditioning system (at least 60 m2) (1 set)
  • Microphone headset (1 pc)
  • Server cabinet (1 set)
  1. Unit’s workstation, including (1 set):
  • Table (6 pcs)
  • Chair (6 pcs)
  • System unit with installed software (6 pcs)
  • Software “Tactical and special training:
  • Unit” (1 pc)
  • Keyboard (6 pcs)
  • Optical manipulator (6 pcs)
  • Monitor (at least 22 inches) (6 sets)
  • Microphone headset (6 sets)
  • Tablet with electronic identifier reader (6 pcs)
  • Tablet software “Combat Training Accounting: Tablet” (1 pc)
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