Strela-10 ADMS Operator Training Simulator

Training of BM 9K35 (9K34) Strela-10 ADMS Operator Training Simulators with the purpose of forming and consolidating sustainable skills of visual reconnaissance and identification of air targets, determination of target range, preparation for firing, selection of firing mode, determination of launch moment, launch of SAMs, observation of firing results in various target conditions, day and night, from the ground, on the move, afloat in the conditions of a training class.

Simulator structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation (includes a unified table, on/off control panel of the simulator, uninterruptible power supply, software and hardware complex, video monitors, set of cables).
  2. Turret simulator
  3. Single-level platform
  4. Operating documents, package
  5. Spare parts, tools and accessories, kit
  6. Transportpack, set

Simulator capabilities:

  • adequacy of the algorithm of operation and reproduction of characteristics of the Strela-10 Air Defense Missile System and its modifications
  • adequacy of the sensory-motor field of the BM 9A34 (9A35)operator’s workstation
  • high degree of implementability of operations and algorithms of combat operations (not less than 0.9)
  • high quality of visualization in the field of view of optical observation and sighting devices
  • provision of a real opportunity to develop and maintain the required level of skills of combat operation of Strela-10 ADMS operators
  • training of operators to effective use of capabilities of the Strela-10 ADMS in difficult air and interference conditions, day and night
  • effective preparation of operators of the Strela-10 ADMS for combat firing, tactical-and-fighting and tactical exercises
  • provision of required level of training for operators of the Strela-10 ADMS throughout the whole training period
  • preparation of air defense units for effective action in modern combat

Possibilities of instructor:

  • control over switching the simulator on and off
  • control of the field of view of 9SH127 telescopic sight and protective glass of the tower at the instructor’s workstation
  • status of the tower controls and indication devices
  • control over the actions of trainees and errors during the exercises
  • setting the conditions for performing the exercises (terrain type, time of day, season, weather conditions)
  • creating an air and interference environment using the built-in exercise editor
  • receiving target designation from a simulated control station
  • two-way communication between the instructor and the operatorto be trained
  • exercise results documenting, printing and archiving
  • possibility of repeating (reproduction) of the exercise performed
  • automatic evaluation of operators’ actions when performing standard exercises according to the indicators and criteria of the Firing Course
  • subjective evaluation of actions of trainees based on results of analysis by all means of control
  • documenting results in electronic form (printout)
  • archiving results for a day or a period
  • inclusion of the simulator into the integrated record and processing system of training results
Simulator characteristics
Minimum required space to place the simulator 15 m²
Type of premise Training class
Continuous operating time Not less than 12 hours
Power supply voltage 220 ±10% V
frequency 50±1 Hz
Maximum power consumption 3,5 kW
Diagnostic system Built-insemi-automatic
On and off control From the instructor’s workstation
Technical maintenance control inspection, daily technicalmaintenance, technicalmaintenance-1 (once every 6 months), technicalmaintenance-2 (once a year)
Simulator weight as an assembly 1 100 kg
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