Shooting-range equipment set for special forces units

Shooting-range equipment set for special forces units is designed to improve the individual training of employees of special forces units for practical shooting, practice of firing contacts in various situations, to transfer the skills of quick and accurate hitting targets at different distances, creating a tactical environment during training (competitions) and improve the safety level when handling weapons.

Set structure

Visual wall without ports (solid) (10 pcs)

Visual wall with a central port (10 pcs)

Visual wall with a bottom port (10 pcs)

Pepper popper target (3 pcs)

Special Pepper popper target (3 pcs)

Mini Pepper popper target (3 pcs)

Special Mini Pepper popper target (3 pcs)

Impact Pepper popper target (2 pcs)

Classic Popper target (3 pcs)

Special Classic Popper target (3 pcs)

Classic Mini Popper target (3 pcs)

Double Classic Popper target (2 pcs)

Bianchitarget (2 pcs)

Gong target(complete with round plates, diameters of 10, 20, 25, 30 cm and square platesof 10×10, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30 cm with holes and chains, four plate racks) (4 sets)

Flip popper target (4 pcs)

Plate armor target (4 pcs)

IPSCmetalplatetarget (10 pcs)

Gong chest figure with a base (5 pcs)

Steel plate target stand (complete with a round plate with diameterof 20 cm and square plate of 30×30 cm with holes) (6 sets)

Slidingbaseformetrictarget (20 pcs)

Driving base for metric target (20 pcs)

Tactical timer with radio module and wireless display (6 pcs)

Tablet with electronic identifier reader (6 pcs)

Software for tablet “Competitions as per IPSC Rules: Tablet” (1 pc)

Laptop (1 pc)

Software “Competitions as per IPSC Rules: Instructor” (1 pc)

Wi-Fi router (1 pc)

55 inch LCD TV with Android OS (1 pc)

Mobile bullet trap (5 pcs)

Anatomic target (5 pcs)

Portable target on the control panel (3 pcs)

Training (Strikeball) gun drive

Electric-powered GLOCK (set), including: (30 pcs)

– layout of the GLOCK-17 pistol with the drive (30 pcs)

– magazine for GLOCK-17 pistol (60 pcs.)

-battery (60 pcs)

– balls (consumables) (30000 pcs)

Training (strikeball) electric-powered PP Vityaz submachine gun (set), including: (30 pcs)

– layout ofpoweredsubmachine gun (30 pcs)

– magazine for submachine gun (60 pcs)

-battery (60 pcs)

-balls (consumables) (30000 pcs)

Ammunition calibration set (1 set)

Guideline on ammunition calibration in Russian (1 pc)

Ballistic chronograph (1 pc)

Press (1 pc)

Kinetic hammer (1 pc)

Matrix set (1 set)

Dispenser scales (1 pc)

High precision scales (1 pc)

Powder charger set (1 set)

Powder spoon (1 pc)

Antistatic craters (1 set)

Device for checking and correcting a bullet beat (1 pc)

Electronic caliper rule 0-150mm, accuracy 0.01mm (1 pc)

Device for measuring the putting of a specific type of bullets in the bullet chamber of a specific rifle (1 pc)

Shoulder lowering measurement set, with 5 bushings for different calibers, including 308, 338, 300 (1 set)

Cartridge racks for calibers308, 338, 300 (4 sets)

Cases with handles, for cartridges (on 50 and 100 pieces) of calibers 308, 338, 300 (2 sets)

Weapon boroscope (1 pc)

Weapon alignment machine (universal) (1 pc)

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