Radio-equipped Portable Shooting-range Equipment

The set of portable shooting-rangeequipment is designed to provide target and auxiliary equipment for one section of the military firing range to perform firing exercises from pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns, manual machine guns and Kalashnikovmachine guns, one direction for two shooters.

Portable shooting-range equipment, both in terms of its composition and design, is designed to deploy (create) a target environment on an unprepared terrain at any season in a short time.

The equipment construction, included in the set, is designed to be transported in vehicles without any additional packaging, as well as to be carried by one to three soldiers, for which special handles are provided.

The equipment has sufficient mechanical strength and is designed to be installed directly on the ground.

Set structure

The set consists of control equipment, target installations, main and emergency power supplies, chargers, imitation lamps, SPTA kit and operating documents package, namely:

  • Computerized control panel (1 set), including:
    • Computerized control panel (1 set):
    • Transmitting and receiving device (adapter) with antenna and connection cable (1 set);
    • extension mast (1 pc).
  • Charger (one for five target installations) (3 pcs)
  • Unified autonomous medium radio-controlled target installationUMU-S2A for display of light and medium targets, including:
    • unified autonomous mediumradio-controlled target installationUMU-S2A for display of light and medium targets (10 pcs);
    • battery U=12V, V=18a/h (10 pcs);
    • Transmitting and receiving device (PPU-M) (10 pcs);
    • single imitation lamp (10 pcs);
    • coating damage detector (10 pcs);
    • inertial detector (2 pcs);
    • frame for a target installation with 2 anchor bolts (10 pcs)
  • Emergency power unit 2 – 4.5 kW (1 pc).
  • Unified SPTA (1 set);
  • Operating documents of set (set passport with technical description and operating guideline) (1 set).
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