Multimedia Interactive Shooting Range

Multimedia Laser Shooting Range is designed for firing from combat and laser weapons for initial training and professional skills improvement. It can function independently or adapt to any existing shooting range. It has a lifting and descent screen of any size and a mobile opening limit.

The set provides:

  • training in various types of combat in conditions as close to real as possible
  • enhancing (improving) combat and tactical training
  • assessment of training level
  • research and development of practical recommendations on techniques and methods of actions in various types of combat operations
  • creating a virtual shooting range element using multimedia equipment
  • different scenarios for firing training
  • improvement ofability to handle with weapon, marksmanship and shooter reflexes
  • control, collection, evaluation and display of information on actions during the combat (special operation) in real time, archiving the results of training (exercises)
  • control, collection, evaluation and display of information on the enemy’s fire damage and evaluation of firing results during the combat (special operation)

The software includes:

  • stationary targets
  • emerging and moving targets
  • gunnery courses of different governmental agencies
  • set of training and control firing
  • film plots
  • Night flash firing

The hardware complex of the return fire system automatically tracks the shooter and in case of a miss at the target shoots a 6 mm ball at the feet of the shooter. It can be operated in the control and firing mode by an instructor.



Name of equipment

Multimedia projector (1 pc)

Optical unit for target destruction coordinate setting (1 pc)

Processor (1 set)

Monitor (1 pc)

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) of at least 10 min (1 pc)

Screen with dimensions of 2.44×4 meters (1 set)

Return fire hardware system (2 pcs)

Makarov pistol models with a laser nozzle (5 pcs)

Upgraded folding Kalashnikov machine gun models with a laser nozzle (5 pcs)

System of digital video recording (control) of exercises (1 set)

SPTA packaged in a box (1 set)

Package of operating documents (1 pc)

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