Laser Simulator of Firing and DestructionComplex

Laser Simulator of Firing and Destruction Complexis designed for training of units to actions in various types of bilateral battalion-level combat in conditions close to combat ones as possible, increase (improvement) of combat training of servicemen, units, as well as assessment of the degree of preparedness of individual servicemen and units by conducting bilateral tactical training(exercises) with motorized rifle, air assault, reconnaissance units in urban developmentand field conditions.


  • Conducting bilateral tactical exercises and training in various types of combat.
  • Reproduction of real battle conditions (actions of units of their troops and enemy of different combat and numerical strength, taking into account real weather conditions, time of day and season).
  • Provision of unit commanders with possibility to organize combat, control fire and unit actions in combat.
  • Provision of units with possibility to carry out reconnaissance of targets, firing at targets with the weapons used in the training.
  • Control, collection, evaluation and display of information on actions of units and individual servicemen during combat (in real time) on an electronic map, in 3D format, archiving the results of exercise (training).
  • Control, collection, evaluation and display of information about enemy fire damage and evaluation of firing results of units and individual servicemen during combat.
  • Maintaining continuous communication between management and trained units.


Complex structure

  1. Control, operation and technical maintenance point of the complex.
  2. Local wireless computing network of Wi-Max type (1 set)
  1. Positioning system of DGPS type (1 set)
  1. Instructorautomated workstation (including general and special software). Based on Kamaz-43114 chassis with KUNG body (1 set)
    • workstation of Deputy (Assistant) instructor of exercises (training), laser color MFP of A3format
    • large screen display
    • A0 format plotter
    • DGPS satellite navigation system
    • voice communication system
    • intercom and switching equipment
    • Head automated workstation
  1. Set of operation and technical maintenance of the complex. Based on Kamaz-43114 type chassis with KUNG body.
    • positioning point (including an antenna-mast device with receiving and transmitting equipment, GPS satellite navigation system (GLONASS), communication and switching equipment)
    • technical maintenance and repair group on the basis of trailer with KUNG body (including 4 workplaces of technicians, 1 laser black and white printer of A4 format, DGPS satellite navigation system, voice communication system, intercom and switching equipment, equipment for adjustment, current maintenance and repair of complex elements, chargers, 4 devices for determination and change of status of trainee and combat equipment, 4 sets of adjustment equipment)
  1. CompanyLaser Simulator of Firing and Destruction Complex.
  2. Laser Simulator of Firing and Destruction for a gunner.
    • AK-74 – 80 units, RPK-74 – 10 units, PK machine gun (PK) – 10 units, Dragunov sniper rifle – 10 units, grenades – 480 pcs.
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