Igla Man-portable Air Defense System AA sniper Simulator

Igla Man-portable Air Defense System AA sniper Simulatoris designed for training of AA snipers for visual detection of air targets, preliminary and direct preparation for firing, launching an anti-aircraft guided missile, evaluation of firing results in the conditions of a training class.

Simulator structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation.
  2. AA sniper’s workstation.
  3. Man-portable Air Defense System simulator stands
  4. Protective helmet with virtual reality glasses
  5. Operating documents, package
  6. Spare parts, tools and accessories, kit
  7. Transportpack, set


  • Creation of attacks design of enemy air forces, their adjustment and storage.
  • Creation of attacks of enemy air forces,taking into account the possible area of exercises, combat operations, visualization of fragments of the tactical situation on a cartographic basis.
  • Simulation of the flight of the main types of air objects (targets) taking into account their tactical and technical characteristics, including the group ones.
  • Visualization of programmable air environment of any complexity in the visual visibility range of targets (up to 8 km), depending on the background situation, simultaneous visualization of the flight of air targets (up to 8 objects).
  • Selection within a square (2×2) km of the AA sniper’s position, designation of points, boundaries of the responsible firing sector and their visualization within a radius of 2 km.
  • Tracking of directions and size of velocity vectors of all simulated targets, position of the Sun, position of visibility sector of virtual reality glasses depending on spatial position of the head of the AA sniper.
  • Visualization of the rocket flight, its destruction, miss and self-liquidation in the course of firing at approaching and pursuit courses taking into account the characteristics of the self-homing circuit, tactical and technical characteristics of a missile and firing conditions.
  • Visualization of the targetsign that is,by its characteristics, behind the capabilities of tactical and technical characteristics of the man-portable air defense system
  • Simulation of identification of air targets using a ground interrogator.
  • Selection of HEAD-ON or PURSUIT firing type and MANUAL orAUTOoperation mode of starting mechanism.
  • Simulation of sound effects of the system operation and the background environment (shell burst, firing, flying of targets, etc.).

Instructor’s possibilities:

  • Implementation of settings of the training conditions.
  • Carrying out a printout of AA sniper’s card with determined (assigned) points according to the selected position.
  • Visual observation of the real state of all man-portable air defense systems controls during training.
  • Monitoring over the sensitivity zone of the infra-red homing head at the targetselected by AA sniperfor firing.
  • Adequate operation of the man-portable air defense system simulator in case of performance byAA sniperof measures on preliminary (partial) and direct preparation of firing.
  • Automatic evaluation of the trainee’s actions.
  • Fixing all the mistakes of the trainee and receiving recommendations for further improvement of the training methodology.
  • Storage of training results of all trainees and their analysis
  • Printing the training results.
  • Duplication of the visual sector of AA sniper.
  • Display of the selected target parameters on the screen of AA sniper.
  • Conduction of a current (in the course of a direct training) analysis of the trainee’s actions with other trainees who are observing his actions.
Main technical characteristics of the simulator
Number of simultaneously trained persons 1 (AA sniper orsection commander)
Readiness time of the simulator for operation after switching on Not more than 5 minutes
Continuous operating time 8 hours
Powersupply Single-phase A Cnetwork with frequency of 50±1.0Hz, 220V±10%
Maximum power consumption 18 kV*A
Average power consumption 8 kV*A
Degreeofcoverageofoperation algorithmsofthetraineesofthesection commander, AA sniper onthesimulatortooperationalgorithmsoftheman-portable air defense system Not less than 0.8
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