GP-25 Under-barrel Grenade Launcher Simulator

GP-25 simulator is designed for trainingof gunners in the use of GP-25 under-barrel grenade launcher of40 mm in conditions close to a modern combat, in order to maintain their stable skills of target detection and identification, determination of target movement parameters, determination of the moment of firing, evaluation of firing results without consumption of grenades and technical resource of combat vehicles in conditions of training class.

Simulator structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation.
  2. Gunner’s workstation from GP-25 using AK-74
  3. Operating documents, package
  4. Spare parts, tools and accessories, kit
  5. Transportpack, set


  • Study of the rules for application of GP-25, placement and procedure for using the controls, sight, order of charging and discharging the under-barrel grenade launcher.
  • Formation and improvement of grenade launcher operators’ battlefield reconnaissance skills using conditions close to those of a modern general combat, including conditions of dust and smoke interference.
  • Formation and maintenance of grenade launcher operators’ skills to fire static and dynamic targets at the ranges up to 400 m in various conditions.
  • Conduction of battlefield reconnaissance under various optical visibility conditions, determination of the range to points and targets.
  • Detection of targets and identification by their characteristics. Determination of target movement parameters. Prioritizing of targets for firing by hazard level.
  • Training of grenade launcher operators to sight at different targets against the background of the terrain in different conditions
  • Actions on preparation ofGP-25 for firing, target selection, sighting, grenade launch, observation and evaluation of firing results.
  • Development of the grenade launcher operators’ ability to evaluate the firing results and to make a decision of repeated target engagement.
  • Firing exercises on different types of terrain (normal, desert, urban) in different weather conditions, day and night (when using illumination ammunition), winter and summer.
  • Display of visual weather effects of different intensity – fog, rain, snow, clouds, wind.
  • Characteristics of the mechanical sight of the GP-25 under-barrel grenade launcher are fully adequate to the real sight.
  • The flight model of the VOG-25 grenade provides tactical and technical characteristics:
    • The grenade’s initial flight speed is 76 m/s;
    • Grenade self-liquidation time – 14 s
    • Weight of the grenade’s layout is 250 g (275 g).
  • Display of a three-dimensional model of a 2×2 km section of terrain in the field of view of a mechanical sight on a large screen is provided by the image visualization program; a large screen with a field angle of at least 90° is used as the display device.
  • Visual image of the terrain from the observation point has a resolution of 1920×1080, which provides clarity of textures and objects, as well as the depth of perception of the terrain.
  • Display of the visual effects of the battlefield – explosions of rockets and shells, smoke, fires, illumination ammunition – mines, air bombs, shells.
  • Display of visual effects of starting and flying the grenade – mechanical recoil, displaying the grenade in flight, exploding the grenade when the target is hit (and missed), burning or exploding the target.
  • Compliance of angular sizes, shape, color, contrast of local objects, vegetation, targets with real objects in the field of view of optical observation and sightingdevices.
  • Three-dimensional objects have a degree of detailingsufficient for identification (recognition).

Instructor’s possibilities:

  • At the choice of the instructor, the visualization system displays the scene in daytime conditions (sunny and cloudy weather), at twilight, and at night (including when using illumination ammunition).
  • The simulator library has three geo-typical plots of terrain – normal, desert and terrain with urban development.
  • Display of visual weather effects of different intensity – fog, rain, snow, clouds, wind.
  • Display of visual effects of the battlefield – explosions of rockets and shells, smoke, fires, illumination ammunition – mines, air bombs, shells.
  • Targets can traverse on the terrain routes at a speed corresponding to the terrain conditions and characteristics of the targets simulated.
  • Automatic evaluation of the trainee’s actions.
  • Fixing all the mistakes of the trainee and receiving recommendations for further improvement of the training methodology
  • Storage of the training results of all trainees and their analysis.
  • Printing of the training results.
  • Duplicating the visual sector of agunner.
  • Displaying the selected target parameters on the screen.
  • Conduction of a current (in the course of a direct training) analysis of the trainee’s actions with other trainees who are observing his actions.
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