Crossing Water Training Area

Artificial Crossing Water Training Area is designed for training of combat vehicle crews of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, etc., for overcoming water obstacles, working out rescue operations for evacuation of vehicles and personnel from water.

Geometric parameters of the water training area allow performing the exercise both underwater and in water. Practicing the practical skills of servicemen to perform the crossing exercise of water obstacles on all types of equipment.

The coastal infrastructure (points of entry and exit of equipment) is reinforced with reinforced concrete slabs to increase its service life. Proper steepness of entrance and exit slopes is provided, corresponding to technical capabilities of machines to overcome it. Borders of crossings and traffic directions are equipped with signal flags or special lighting equipment.

Control stations and rescue and evacuation units are deployed at the starting point. Special training premises (classes) are equipped for the personnel to master theoretical material on the rules of overcoming water obstacles, safety measures, protective equipment and rules of orientation during underwater driving of armored vehicles.



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