Climbing simulator (climbing area) isan artificial facilityfor climbing, depending on the type and structure of the climbing areathat partially or completely imitates the relief of the rock(climbing simulator). The company produces different climbing areas according to levels of complexityand imitation of natural rocks, materials ofmaterials of rock panel systems, and the applicability of a climbing area extends from sports centers to climbing areasof military purpose with professional, semi-professional and amateur sectors of complexity.

Depending on the rock panel system, climbing areas are equipped with internal “inserts” for bolting special hooks to the climbing surface, the variety of which allows infinitely varying its climbing characteristics in terms of complexity, speed, comfort, as well as some types of hooks imitate the character of the most popular rock climbers around the world. The shape and slope of a climbing area can be varied: from “positive” planes to strong overhangs, cornices and horizontal plane of the ceiling. By changing the location of the hooks, it is possible to simulate new climbing routes of different level of complexity every day.

The simulator consists of the following parts

  1. Metal frame (dimensions from customer)
  2. Moisture resistant panels with relief surface and painting
  3. Set of bolted hooks (mountings)
  4. Upper safety harness system kits
  5. Lowersafetyharnesssystemkits
  6. Documentation (safety guideline, operationguideline, certificates)
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