AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator

AGS-17 Grenade Launcher Training Simulatoris designed for training of grenade launcher operators ofAGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher in conditions close to amodern combat, in order to form and maintain their stable skills of target detection and identification, determination of target characteristics, sighting, determination of the moment of firing, firing witha single grenade or with a queue of grenades, evaluation of firing results without consumption of grenades and technical resource of combat vehicles in conditions of training class.

Simulator structure

  1. Instructor’s workstation.
  2. AGS-17 Grenade Launcher Simulator
  3. Equipment for image generation on a panoramic screen
  4. Spare parts, tools and accessories, kit
  5. Transportpack, set


  • Study of construction of AGS-17, placement and procedure for use of controls, PAG-17 sight
  • Formation and improvement of grenade launcher operators’ battlefield reconnaissance skills using conditions close to those ofa modern general combat, including conditions of dust and smoke interference.
  • Formation and maintenance of grenade launcher operators’ skills to fire static and dynamic targets up to 1700 m in various conditions.
  • Conduction of battlefield reconnaissance under various optical visibility conditions, determination of the range to points and targets.
  • Detection of targets and identification by their characteristics. Determination of target movement parameters. Prioritizing of targets for firing by hazard level.
  • Training of grenade launcher operators to sight at different targets against the background of the terrain in different conditions.
  • Actions on preparation ofAGS-17 for firing, target selecting, sighting, shooting, observing and evaluating firing results.
  • Development of the grenade launcher operators’ ability to evaluate the firing results and to make a decisionof repeated target engagement.
  • Firing exercises on different types of terrain (normal, desert, mountainous) in different weather conditions, day and night (when using illumination ammunition or night sight), winter and summer

Instructor’s possibilities:

  • At the choice of the instructor, the visualization system displays the scene in daytime conditions (sunny and cloudy weather), at twilight, and at night (including when using illuminationammunition).
  • The simulator library has three geo-typical plots of terrain – normal, desert and terrain with urban development.
  • Display of visual weather effects of different intensity – fog, rain, snow, clouds, wind.
  • Display of visual effects of the battlefield – explosions of rockets and shells, smoke, fires, illuminationammunition – mines, air bombs, shells.
  • Compliance of angular sizes, shape, color, contrast of local objects, vegetation, targets withthereal objects in the field of view of optical observation and sighting devices.
  • Targets can traverse on the terrain routes at a speed corresponding to the terrain conditions and characteristics of the targets simulated.
  • Automatic evaluation of the trainee’s actions.
  • Fixing all the mistakes of the trainee and receiving recommendations for further improvement of the training methodology
  • Storage of the training results of all trainees and their analysis.
  • Printing of the training results.
  • Duplicating the visual sector of agunner.
  • Display of the selected target parameters on the screen.
  • Conduction of a current (in the course of a direct training) analysis of the trainee’s actions with other trainees who are observing his actions.
Main characteristics of the simulator
Number of simultaneously trained persons 1 (grenade launcher operator)
Minimum required areato place the simulator in deployed position 15m²
Type of premise to place the simulator training classes on the first floors or basements of buildings

Readiness time of the product for operation after switching on Not more than15minutes

Continuous operating time 8 hours
Powersupply single-phase AC network with voltage of 220V±10% and frequency of 50±50Hz
Maximum power consumption 1.5kV*A
Average power consumption 0.06-1kV*A
Degree of coverage of operation algorithms of the persons to be trained on the simulator to operation algorithms on a real grenade launcher AGS-17 Not less than 0.8
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