History of the Company

The company was founded in 1958 as a trust Yuzhkazenergoremont. During the Soviet period, the company was the main territorial production enterprise that carried out preventive and overhaul repair for power enterprises of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, southern regions of Siberia and several foreign countries (Iran, Yemen).

In 1991 the company was incorporated and privatized having maintained its core business profile, and in 1998 it was renamed into AlmatyenergoserviceJSC.

Since 2001 AlmatyenergoserviceJSC has been starting development and production of polygon equipment for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Due to the change in field of activity of the company, the management decided to change the name Almatyenergoservice to AES Machinery Engineering Group (MEG).

At the same time, by order of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company started production and manufacture of various simulators of aviation, armored and automotive vehicles and firing equipment.

Since 2011, as part of the Government program of the Republic of Kazakhstan for counterterrorism, the company has organized and fully equipped more than 20 training centers for combat and methodological training for all types of military units.In particular, the following project has been implemented: Construction of the training center of combat and methodical training “BURKIT” for special forces units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RK in Zarechny village, Almaty oblast.The center is equipped with all kinds of training and simulation systems, a laser shot simulation and kill system, a climbing area, multimedia combat / laser shooting ranges and more than 10 firing sites for various training

Structure of the company

AES Machinery Engineering Group (MEG) is a modern enterprise managed by creative managers with considerable experience and knowledge in thisfield of the company activity, and highly qualified personnel using their professional knowledge and skills acquired during training courses/programs both in Kazakhstan and abroad, capable of solving the most difficult engineering problems.

The company consists of:

Design Department
Scientific and Technical Department
Internal Audit Service
Organizational and Legal Department
Machine Assembly Department
Pilot Production Department
Simulator and Controls Assembly Section
Simulator Electrical Installation and Adjustment Section
Field Shooting Equipment Electrical Installation and Adjustment Section
Procurement and Remolding Section
Locksmith and Welding Section
Paint and Varnish Section
The company has all the material and technical, production base for production of parts, spare parts and components for automotive and armored vehicles for the needs of civil sector and law enforcement agencies.
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year of foundation
employees in the company
68 standards, 17 utility model patents, 13 software copyrights certificates

Intellectual property



Training institutions

Every year, within the framework of Agreements, Memorandums and Contracts on joint training of specialists at the production base of AES Machinery Engineering Group (MEG), students undergo practical training and graduates are employed in the following specialties:

  • Mathematical and computer modeling
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanics of machines and manipulators, creating intelligent robots
  • Technical maintenance, repair and operation of motor vehicles
  • Technical operation, maintenance and repair of electrical and electromechanical equipment
  • Mechanical-engineering technology
  • Mechanical processing, instrumentation and automation in industry
  • Radio electronics and communication
  • Electricity supply
  • Electrical equipment for power plants and networks

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

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Satbayev University - National Research University

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Eurasian Technological University

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Almaty State College of Energy and Electronic TechnologiesState Municipal Management Organization

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Almaty College of Telecommunications and Engineering

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